Our Eskute Journey

Our electric bike journey began with a little bit of research. We looked at some feedback from Other Eskute bike owners and cost around the price we wanted to pay. I had just started a new job that was going to be within cycling distance. We both have road bikes and enjoy going out on them. But unfortunately the route I have to take has a lot of hills and the road surface in not good as it has lots of pot holes. I would not even consider taking this route on my road bike. Also I work 24 hour shift so need food/sleeping bag and clothes, no way was I going to get all this in my rug sack. We then decided to order an Eskute bike.

It arrived soon after. Very well packed. We followed the video to put it together, only the front wheel and handle bars needed going on. Really easy to follow instructions. I was very excited to give it a test run.
Off I went. I immediately felt comfortable on the seat and confident with the easy to use 7 gears and the 5 different electric power gears. I only intended to go up the lane and back but was enjoying the ride so much I carried on. So the first big test was a very steep hill that I went down. I was thinking I'm never going to get back up this without having to work hard. But to my amazement the bike went up incredibly easily.

I was so excited when I returned home that my husband had a go and was so impressed with the ride we ordered another Eskute bike for him. He had recently had knee replacement surgery and is waiting for the other knee to be done. The Eskute electric bike was very comfortable for him to ride.
I like the design of the bike and that it already has mud guards/ pannier rack and a stand included as standard. Other bikes we had looked at theses all came as extras. Many people have commented on it's good looks. I now have 2 pannier bags and a saddle bag for all my stuff. I have ridden my bike in heavy rain and still felt confident going down hill as the wider tyres grip well, even going down the pot holes. We love going for country side rides to villages near us together, it's nice not to feel exhausted and sweaty on our return.

I would defiantly recommend this bike to anyone. Some friends came to visit, one had a road bike and was in training for a competition, her husband who was not really interested in going out on a bike, he went on the Eskute bike and was very impressed. We went on the road bikes and was huffing and puffing up the hills. He is now thinking about getting one so at least he could go out with his wife. He found it very easy to ride. 

We are looking forward to many more adventures on our lovely Eskute bikes. 

Helen and Tony Herefordshire.

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